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Sulfur Powder
The Yellow Sulfur Powder is useful for home, farms, garden and personal use. It works well as a natural pesticide, insecticide and fungicide. Its non-toxic properties and high shelf life allow it to use for other applications as well.
Rubber Accelerator Powder
Rubber Accelerator Powder MBT (M) is a specialty chemicals, utilized for speeding up the manufacturing process of rubber in the concerned industry. This is suitable for its effective use in the production of different types of rubber products.
Rubber Accelerator Granule
Rubber Accelerator Granules are functional as the highly effective antioxidants of the adhesive systems. These are functional as primary accelerators in latex as well as other industrial applications.
Potassium Sulfate Powder
Potassium Sulfate Powder has unique molar mass, great amount of compactness, rapid water solubility and many other attributes. The powder is accessible in assorted packaging options.